Best Wine Club Australia Makes Cooking With Wine More Fun


Not just the bar cabinet of one's home, wine bottles often feature in the kitchen too. Humour aside, passionate cooks are as particular about cooking with wine as others are of drinking it. Non-cooks would be surprised at the number of classic dishes that owe their flavour profiles to wine. Australia's traditional roast lamb is often served with a rich and flavour some gravy, that uses all the pan juices with a splash of Shiraz. (Any dry red wine may be used, but Shiraz is almost a staple in Aussie homes.) There are innumerable versions of roast chicken - a look at search engine results shows that each recipe is different from another. Most versions use white wine, considering it is the ideal partner to white meats. However, some may also use red. The famous pasta sauce, bolognese, cooks in a generous splash of dry red - Italians may use Sangiovese or Pinot Noir. (Drinks with a moderately tannic structure are usually well-suited to cooking.) Not to forget, one pot comforting dishes like rosemary braised lamb shanks, or the French coq au vin, that cannot even be prepared without a liberal dose of red wine. And hence, wine in the kitchen is as indispensable as in the wine cooler. Experimental cooks everywhere (including Australia) want to cook with different wines. An increased demand for wine leads customers to buy them online due to multiple benefits, which in turn brings us to the best wine club Australia, Trophy Club. Let us discuss these in greater detail, in the following paragraphs.

For one, if you think that it wise to use cheap vino for cooking, we are afraid that it isn't. The rule of thumb is, if it isn't good enough to drink, it isn't good enough to cook with. Think about it - would you like to risk an expensive cut of beef, say filet mignon, by serving it with a distasteful red wine sauce? Not to mention the waste of effort and time!

Over the years, an ever-increasing number of customers have been buying wine online. It only makes sense, because of the following reasons:

  1. Imagine you are baking cannelloni al Forno, a dish of tubular 'cannelloni' pasta stuffed with a ground beef & cooked ham sauce, and want Barbera wine to serve with it. Or you are making a roast turkey with stuffing and want some Zinfandel for a flavourful gravy. These varietals may not be readily available at your local wine store. But an online wine store like Just Wines would surely have them.
  2. In the first case, you need to make the time to go for wine shopping. In the second, you can order what you fancy, right from the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere else!
  3. eCommerce wine brand Just Wines gives a money-back guarantee on all its orders, regardless of the product or price. This means that if you are unsatisfied, your money will be refunded! This, however, can't be said for wine shops.

To make wine shopping experience even better, Just Wines recently introduced Trophy Club, one of the best wine clubs to join in Australia. The exclusive members of this club get a wine delivery of 'unique wines' every two months, without any shipping charges. By unique, we mean that no wine is ever repeated in one year. Thinking that it must be expensive? You don't need to pay any joining fees to be a part of it! To know more, visit the brand's official website, or call them on 1300 250 296.